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ӰƵ is proud to partner and collaborate with business, industry, community and government organisations to make a real difference to the economy, society and environment. As one of the world’s top 100 young universities and ranked in the top 2% of universities globally, there are numerous opportunities and ways to connect with ӰƵ.

From partnerships and collaborations, student internshipsand placements, student scholarships and giving through to community projects,schools and ӰƵ engagement. From academic expertise for high impactresearch, consulting and insights through to innovation and SME start-upsupport. Our state-of-the-art facilities and venues are also available andaccessible.

ӰƵ has a range of corporate partnerships and collaborations with organisations in ӰƵ Sydney. Explore our partnerships and find out how to connect with our expert researchers, academics, students and alumni. Discover Launch Pad – our tech startup incubator that supports start-ups and SME’s to collaborate, innovate and grow.

ӰƵ changes lives and shapes the social, economic, environmental and educational development of the world in which we live. ӰƵ engages with community organisations and networks throughout ӰƵ Sydney while working with hundreds of primary and high schools in Greater ӰƵ Sydney through a range of engagement programs, events and pathways. Find out how you can access our campuses and venues or give to ӰƵ to provide scholarships, prizes and student assistance.