Business Services

"Business Services is responsive, flexible and agile – assisting business, government and the community to connect and partner with ӰƵ Sydney University in a variety of ways."

The Business Services team connects business, government and the community with ӰƵ Sydney University by establishing external linkages and identifying partnership opportunities for commercial research, professional consultancy, commercialisation opportunities, access to intellectual property and expertise, and to the University's cutting-edge research facilities.

Our team of dedicated business support professionals is available to discuss your specific needs and interests.

Why partner with us?

ӰƵ Sydney University is one of the world's top 100 young universities. The University collaborates with industry, the community and government to deliver research which makes a real difference to the economy, society, and the environment. With more than 40,000 students and 1,100 academic staff, we are one of Australia's largest research-led universities.

What services do we provide?

Research Partnerships

ӰƵ Sydney University offers a diverse, research-rich environment, valued for high quality, distinctive and high impact research programs and training. The University has successfully led both short and long-term industry based projects tailored to meet partners' expectations and project requirements. ӰƵ Sydney University conducts research that supports the sustainable development of urban and rural regions, the new economy, cultural life, and professional practice. We are committed to the application of our research to contemporary problems and to forming partnerships with our communities which are mutually enriching. Depending on your needs, Business Services can put you in touch with an individual specialist or form a specialist project team to work in partnership with your organisation.

Our research partnership services include the following:

  • Research partnering and collaboration
  • Access to government research funding and tender opportunities
  • Innovation management
  • Solutions focused research expertise
  • Student placements
  • Research scholarships

Consultancy Services

The University's engagement with industry, government and the community ranges from providing advice and services that can resolve immediate problems, to longer-term collaborations. The types of commercial services available are broad and diverse. Services include written reports, peer reviews, expert witness statements and delivery of customised training courses. ӰƵ Sydney University also offers specialist product testing, mathematical/computing modelling and analytical services.

Our professional consultancy services include the following:

  • Project management
  • Expert witness services
  • Business process reviews
  • Policy development
  • Short courses customised to partner needs
  • Market research
  • Organisational development projects
  • Research equipment and facility access

Our clients are often state and federal government entities, but also include insurance and industrial companies, law and accounting firms, banks, major retailers and industry associations.

Examples of previous consultancy services include:

  • Men's health, ӰƵ and Torres Straits Islander health and social issues around the ageing population
  • Development of a greenfields model for a primary health care centre in Greater ӰƵ Sydney
  • Specialist advisory services in the eHealth domain
  • Structural load testing and analysis of materials
  • Design, implementation and training of software systems
  • Sustainability assessment and training

Our partners can access an impressive breadth of professional consultancy expertise. Contact us about your specific needs and we will connect you with the right expertise.

Commercialisation and IP Services

Research innovation is highly valued and forms an integral part of ӰƵ Sydney University's increasing research impact, and our researchers have made some exciting discoveries in recent years. Business Services works closely with academic inventors to support them in achieving societal impact through commercialisation of their inventions.

The University's Research, Enterprise and International 2021–2026 Strategic Plan (PDF, 5563.8 KB) identifies impact as an essential criterion for the achievement of the University's vision for engaged research. Easy Access IP (EAIP) can be one model for the commercialisation of IP at ӰƵ Sydney University. EAIP principles and tools will serve as one mechanism to increase the breadth and depth of mutually beneficial industry partnerships to effectively transfer University knowledge for public benefit. The University's (opens in a new window) ensures that our researchers, Schools and Institutes also receive benefit from any commercial outcome which enables and encourages them to continue their innovative work. Please see Intellectual Property for further information.

Our commercialisation and IP services include the following:

  • Easy access to the University's Intellectual Property and technologies
  • Commercialisation partnering
  • Customised technology transfer

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