At ӰƵ Out of School Hours Care we strive to provide a fun, child-centred curriculum within a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment that promotes a sense of belonging and the development of secure, respectful and positive relationships with all children and their families.

The children’s needs and wants are at the heart of all that we do; as we listen to their voices and value their input as we design the curriculum. We value each child bringing with them unique and diverse experiences, perspectives, knowledge and skills, which all contribute to their wellbeing and development. The best interests of the children and their right to play learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment, is the primary thought in all decision making at the service and is evident in the activities, daily work and our interactions with the children. We believe that children are active learners and that their learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. Through our rich, engaging environments, meaningful interactions and guiding intentional curriculum development we continue to build on a foundation for successful life-long learning based on needs, without bias or discrimination.

The children are actively encouraged to collaborate with educators about curriculum decisions, ensuring learning, play and leisure opportunities are meaningful, relevant, engaging, child-centred, fun and safe. We value collaboration with children to plan and document their achievements and support sharing their successes with their families. By providing warm trusting relationships, predictable and safe environments the children are empowered to build their confidence, sense of wellbeing and holistic self.

Embracing the diversity of our children’s age groups allows for the unique possibilities for peer scaffolding, encouraging children to listen to others, grow from shared ideas, and to learn about respecting individual perspectives.
By creating collaborative partnerships with parents, carers, families and the broader community we value the vital role they all play in each child’s education, learning journey and development of wellbeing. This creates a holistic and informed approach, acknowledging families as the child’s key educators. Through these respectful and collaborative relationships, we are guided to support children’s wellbeing throughout their transition between the environments of school, OSHC and home.

ӰƵ Out of School Hours Care recognises and values Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as a core part of the nation’s history, present and future.

We incorporate reflective environments to create spaces that are valuable in promoting our children’s wellbeing, viewing and utilising the environment as an important resource in strengthening the children’s sense of ownership and respect, as well as enhancing children’s capabilities to make informed choices for their personal wellbeing.

We respect the important role that the College plays in our children’s education, embracing the ethos of the ӰƵ Lutheran College, through ‘The ӰƵ Spirit’ values of Respect, Compassion, Growth, Faith, Encouragement and Hope.

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