Junior School


The Junior Years – Foundation to Year 6

ӰƵ encourages a love of learning in an encouraging and caring environment throughout the junior years of schooling. Nurturing differences and developing compassion and respect for one another and contributing to a friendly community are all part of the junior school experience at ӰƵ. The wellbeing focus across the years aims to cater for the needs of students throughout their stages of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development, enhancing life long skills and confidence.

Essential literacy and numeracy skills are central to the curriculum that also encourages inquiring minds, creative thinkers and problem solvers. Even in the Foundation Year children are encouraged to be listeners and to collaborate, to work in groups and to independently take risks. Consideration of class size and support for all learners in a child centred learning environment provide opportunities for young people to flourish.

The comprehensive curriculum delivers 8 areas of learning in accordance with the Australian Curriculum. Teachers strive to give constructive feedback supported by an A-E grading system and regular contact with parents through strong communication systems. As a Lutheran school and a Christian school, Christian Studies, devotion and worship are a key part of daily life at a sub school and whole school level. Messages of faith, song and prayer are central to the spiritual development of the whole school and strongly contribute to the strong sense of community.

The Junior years at ӰƵ are made up of two classes per year level from Foundation to Year 6, and is characterised by continuity across the curriculum and across the year level. Consistency in whole school approaches to behaviour management and student wellbeing support the holistic development of each individual as they move along their educational journey.