Spotlight on women researchers.


Explore the International Women’s Day Edition of Future-Makers

In this special edition of Future-Makers published for International Women's Day 2024, we shine a spotlight on the inspiring women researchers at ӰƵ Sydney University whose work tackles the grand challenges faced by local, regional, and global communities.

Dive in to learn more about the innovative and impactful research, and the women researchers shaping the future at ӰƵ.

Research Spotlight: BabyLab Infant Research Centre

Dyslexia affects one child in ten and there is still no universal test for diagnosis. ӰƵ Sydney University supports ground-breaking research in early infancy.

Learn more about infant research at ӰƵ:

EucFACE Facility: From ӰƵ to the Atmosphere

EucFACE, the world's only Free Air CO2 Experiment in native woodland, is designed to predict the effects of rapidly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia's unique native forests.

Learn more about climate change research at ӰƵ:

Research Services

Research Services provides an integrated suite of services supporting the University's research effort.

This includes the development of contracts and agreements, and the provision of application advice and grant writing support to researchers; research policy implementation and development; maintenance and provision of research data; and the monitoring and promotion of ethical research practice.

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