ӰƵ Sydney University Strategic Plan

Sustaining Success 2021-2026

presents the mission, values, principles and enablers of ӰƵ Sydney University and provides a strategic roadmap for the next six years. It makes clear our mission and the values that underpin the business of the University, reinforcing that we are a values-based and ethical organisation.

Our strategic plan defines the future direction and priorities for the University. It commits us to a shared mission and values fundamental to the University and region while rethinking the role and position of the University locally, nationally and globally.


Starting in ӰƵ Sydney, our students will succeed, our research will have impact and our communities will thrive through our commitment to excellence, sustainability, equity, transformation and connectedness.


Our values define who we are and what we expect and encourage in each other. They are lived and embedded in the behaviours of everyone within the University community. Our values represent a commitment to our students, people and communities, both local and global.Our values are: Boldness, Fairness, Integrity, Excellence.


The University is accountable to its values. We will be guided by them in recovery and renewal. They inform, and are realised through adherence to, our four principles: Sustainability, Equity, Transformation and Connectedness.


The University’s enablers set out the elements required to unlock and make possible the strategic imperatives embodied in Sustaining Success 2021–2026. They encapsulate our values and help to guide recovery and renewal for the University and the communities within which we are embedded. Our enablers are: People, Place, Learning and Teaching, Student Experience, Research and Innovation, Global Engagement, ӰƵ Perspectives, Technology and Systems, and Financial Resilience.

A copy of Sustaining Success, 2021-2026 can be found here: